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Impressions from Afghanistan:
Life on the Tip of a Spear

Captain Brian Calvasina is currently serving in Afghanistan, providing humanitarian assistance as a member of a provincial reconstruction team. His images of Fort Bragg, North Carolina appeared in both Issue 29: Photography and Issue 31: Ode to the South. His comments follow:

These soldiers man a remote fire base in Afghanistan. They are the first coalition soldiers to have any enduring presence in a historically resistant part of the country. The valley hosts centuries of opposition from outside influence, and these soldiers are in its heart. They operate day and night, through blazing heat and bone-chilling cold, under the weight of body armor, fatigue and hunger. Their reality is a world away from what the typical American 20- to 30-year-old experiences. These photographs capture subtle, yet complex moments of boredom, excitement and uncertainty they face on a daily basis.

Photography by BRIAN CALVASINA

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